You must have an active NetID to log into TRACS.

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What does my Net ID look like?

Your NetID is what you use to check your Texas State e-mail. NetIDs are typically your initials followed by a number.  Example formats: zz99, zzz99, zz999, z_z99, zz9999 

Have you just activated your NetID?

If you just activated your NetID and created a password, you can log into TRACS, but you will not see your sites until tomorrow.

Have you changed your password recently?

If you have not changed your password and your password has expired or you forgot your password visit the Password Reset page in the Online Toolkit

Can I use my Texas State e-mail address to login to TRACS?

No, you cannot not use your Texas State e-mail address to login to TRACS. 
Only use your NetID, which is the part before the @ symbol. 

Why can't I login with my Texas State ID and Self-Service PIN?

TRACS requires that you login with your NetID to ensure you are an authorized user of the Texas State computer system. Your Texas State ID (e.g., A12345678) and Self-Service PIN (6-20 digits) cannot be used to log into TRACS. 
Other Login Credentials:
If you have been added to a TRACS site with other login credentials, you will use your complete email address and the password sent to you by TRACS. If you are having difficulties logging into TRACS using other login credentials please contact us at or 512.245.5566.
If you are having trouble logging in, the following resources are available for your assistance.
NetID Help Page
Login Help Video
Speak with an IT Assistance Center (ITAC) representative by calling 512.245.4822